Friday, October 1, 2010

[2/10/2010] A Bigger Agenda, A Bigger Voice

This is going to be a long winded, meaningful post*
As usual, I skipped my night again, went to Khaleel for the favourite Morning Breakfast and i bump into 2 International Students, one from Korea and the other from China. We started talking a lot until we hit the  topic of Green Projects in USM. We brainstormed many ideas and concepts, critical thoughts of many current movements. Such as are paper bags are really actually going Green? who knows their life process might be mapping a higher Carbon footprint compare to our normal Plastic bags? Many "Whys" suddenly being bombarded out and most of them i just could not answer, and i would not just give an answer "because it's Malaysian Culture". 

My concern here is not to question about the passion of the Green Project Leaders in USM, i guess i know most of them, i know we are all heading the same direction, but the thing i really want to voice out is like how Professor Lee told me as well,  "Awareness is just awareness, so what?" and i hold on to my quote of "Implementations and Policies are the best Awareness" How are we really going to ensure our projects are giving the sustainable impact, how are we passing down our ideas to the next Generation and impacting them to continue our plans?

My whole idea is like what i have been mentioning as well as through the Intention of having Sustainable Mini Summit. By having AIESEC, KAS, PUCS, GreenLung, MPP, MPDs and other individual projects to come together and understand the current situation of all projects so we can all brainstorm a further bigger agenda which will be spearheaded by different clubs taking up different departments of the project. I honestly don't see a reason why not until someone tells me. There are so many improvements USM still awaits, Close Cycle Loop Production, Recycling Bins, Carbon Mapping, and so many more. If we can come united again under the secretariat of Sustainable Development HEP as one body with one voice, our presence of this one big project can be more convincing and drive the focus of USM students into a direction. 

Passion knows no Boundary, no Language nor Communications Barrier. I know that my focus on Youth Energy Squad is to tackle with Energy Issue, but if there is a project where all clubs can unite together to contribute manpower and resources for a greater result, such as Carbon Mapping where everything can come across, then that will be much better to present and understand where this whole USM students system have gone wrong. Also then it will be better if we layout a 3 years , 5 years plan to talk about how we are helping USM to go the Greener way and present it to Vice Chancellor as a whole united body of all different projects instead of just an individual.

I just hope what i think can come true =)